Haley Olson

I am blessed with two beautiful sons.  They, however, did a number on my body.  My oldest son, Logan, was breech, and weighed 9 lbs 3 oz.  He seperated two of my stomach muscles, and because he was breech I was extremely bloated.  I gained over 50 lbs and had stretch marks from my chest to my legs which looked like a bear had clawed me half to death.  Logan's delivery became a C-section once the doctors figured out he was breech, so on top of everything else I had a wonderful scar and "shelf" of fat on top of the scar as lovely parting gifts.  I worked my behind off to lose the baby weight.  I was finally getting back down to where I wanted to be when I unexpectadly became pregnant with my second son when Logan was only 8 months old.  Repeat of Logan, except I didn't get stretch marks in the same places.  Since Landon wasn't breech I gained stretch marks on my stomach this time.  After baby and c-section number two, I was ashamed to be seen in shorts, much less anything skimpier.  I wanted my body back, I wanted my confidence back, I wanted to feel good about myself again.  

My friend Sheila had been blowing up my facebook page about these skinny wraps, and I thought about trying them, but never got around to asking her about them.  She ended up sending me a message about the It Works company and how great they were to work for.  I was still a little unsure, but after learning more about the company and their products I was hooked.  I signed up to be a distributor and I've never looked back.  

After four wraps on myself,  you could FINALLY start to see the definition in my abs that I had worked so hard to get but you could never see.  I also use the Greens on the Go and the Fat Fighters.  My life has significantly changed from this company and their products.  I don't ever think I can thank Sheila enough for bringing this opportunity to my attention, and giving me a chance to have a job where I am in a position to change people's life for the better.  Thank you Sheila, and thank you IT WORKS!

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